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Empowering rural youth and women through agribusiness innovation, research, evaluation, and policy influence.

​The Development Challenge
Youth Unemployment !

The youth segment of the population of Kenya is growing fast. Approximately over 500,000 young people join the labour force every year, in which the majority face unemployment or vulnerable employment.Youth unemployment is nearly double the national rate of 40%. The situation is worse in rural areas where employment and livelihood opportunities are perceived to be scarce. The average age of farmers is between 50-60 years. The aspirations of today's youth are signaled by a mass withdrawal from the rural areas in favour of urban opportunities and lifestyles.

Our Belief
We believe that youth and women in rural Kenya can earn a decent income and secure their livelihoods through self-employment in agribusiness and entrepreneurial opportunities in agriculture value chains.
Our Position


More knowledge and experience is essential to support new generations of skilled agricultural producers and entrepreneurs to grow, process and trade the crops, commodities, and products the world depends on. Young people and women provide the opportunity to ensure stable supplies, and to innovate the agricultural sector. As such, public and private parties, donor agencies and NGOs investing in rural development would do well to consider youth and women as crucial stakeholders in their cooperation initiatives. This means that a truly inclusive development policy takes "age" and "gender" into consideration. Food is expensive, food is in global demand. Therefore, food production presents viable and sustainable option for income generation and security of livelihood for rural youth and women through agribusiness and agri-entrepreneurship.

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